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Processes and Procedures in the Deeds Office

Ever Wonder what happens behind the scenes in the deeds office? Here you will find our detailed guide of the ins and outs of the 14 day process. 

Day 1

  • Lodgement counter.
  • Documents lodged by all attorneys
  • Documents (individually) captured on the system

Day 2 - 3

  • Data and Sorters
  • Documents linked and batches captured on system
  • Print outs of property as well as persons involved are made available to examiners

Day 4

  • Examiner / Deed controller
  • Deeds are examined by first examiner (junior).
  • Deeds are endorsed and remarks are stated


Day 5


  • Sorters
  • Documents recieved back from first examiner (junior) and re-issued to second examiner (senior


Day 6

  • Second Examiner
  • Deeds are either passed or rejected

Day 7

  • Sorters
  • Documents are recieved back from second examiner (senior) and issued to assistent Registrar (monitor phase)

Day 8

  • Assistant Registrar
  • If monitor finds any matter (issue) passed by the second examiner, which should have been rejected, the assistant Registrar may also reject the deeds

Day 10 - 14

  • Registration phase
  • Deeds that are ready for registration are recieved in this phase where it can stand over for a period of four days before being automatically rejected.


  • Transfer, new bond cancellation register simultaneously.
  • Financial institutions pay out the guarantees the next working day (after the registration).
  • Sale proceeds are distributed.

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