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Signing to Lodgement

Have you wondered about what happens in between signing and moving in? Here you will find a detailed description of what happens behind the scenes while you wait to move in to your newly purchased home. 


Parties sign the deed of sale

Bond Approval

Purchaser’s bond approved, transferring and bond attorney appointed

Transferring Attorney Requests

  • Payment of deposit and transfer costs
  • Bond cancellation figures
  • Rates clearance figures from municipality/body corporate
  • Transfer duty reciept
  • Electrical Certificate of compliance. Seller is liable for payment of certificate and repairs


Deposit Recieved

 Transferring attorney recieves deposit and costs from purchaser and cost of rates clearance certificate from Seller. Rates clearance and transfer duty are in the process of payment


Bond Cancellation Attorneys Appointed

Bond cancellation attorneys are appointed, cancellation figures and costs for cancellation are issued.The seller is liable for costs in respect of bond cancellatio

Bond Cancellation Attorney Costs

Seller pays bond cancellation attorney’s costs

Drafting of Documentation

Transferring and bond attorneys draft their documents

Guarantees Requested

Transferring attorney requests guarantees from bond attorneys

Signing of Documentation

Parties sign documents

Guarantees Recieved

Transferring attorney receives guarantees from bond attorney

Rates and Duties

Transferring attorneys receive rates clearance certificate and transfer duty receipt

Deeds Office

Documents forwarded to correspondents for lodgement in the Deeds Office

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