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About Us

Van der Merwe Peché Attorneys operate in the Merafong municipal area with offices situated in Fochville and Carletonville respectively.

Protecting the Law Since 2005

The firm was established in 2005. Both offices are situated conveniently close to the Magistrate’s Court in Carletonville and Fochville. The legal practitioners are duly registered with the Law Society and are accordingly subject to the tariffs and ethics set by the Law Society. We provide a variety of legal services of high standard which includes very efficient debt collection and civil litigation departments.

The firm also has an established conveyancing department with an admitted Conveyancer with 14 years of conveyancing experience. The Conveyancer is assisted by experienced and competent personnel in the preparation and drafting of conveyancing and related documents. All conveyancing documents are executed by the Conveyancer personally. The firm is currently on the panel of Nedbank and have a good infrastructure of personnel, computerized equipment and software to enable professional legal service.

Affirmative Action and Employment Equity

We are aware of the economic and social inequality that persist in South Africa and are taking positive action to:

  • Eliminate any employment barriers;
  • Promote diversity in the workplace;
  • Create a climate of dignity and mutual respect for all people;
  • Accommodate people from all groups, ensuring that they enjoy equal representation and are equitably represented in the workforce;
  • Ensure equitable representation of suitably qualified people in all occupational categories and levels of work.

Standards and Service Excellence

Although many law firms purport to perform and provide similar services to the clients they represent within a geographical area, one fact is indisputable: Service Standards in the practice of law vary widely from firm to firm. There are many variables to qualify the service delivery. Professional standards, along with specific levels of training and expertise, differ significantly from firm to firm, resulting in inconsistent quality of service to clients generally by legal service providers.

Our professional standards relating to quality and ethics are strictly enforced. We consider these standards as one of the cornerstones upon which we have built our business and our reputation. We take our ethical and professional responsibility to our clients, the courts and those who we encounter generally serious. It is, however, one thing to have standards and rules, and quite another to ensure compliance. Every single instruction within a department is assessed and scrutinised for quality and adherence to the professional standards and rules. We evaluate everything, from the quality and accuracy of the typing, to the frequency of client communication, consistency of file management and the quality of the legal input.

You can be assured that we leave nothing to chance in our pursuit of both service and legal excellence.


We provide a service which, by implication, can only be rendered by people. By ensuring that our staff is properly trained and competently skilled, you can be assured of a professional approach to their work by all our staff members. We are acutely aware of the fact that South Africa has a widely diverse population, with a variety of factors impacting on the manner in which people not only interact with each other, but also approach their professional day. We strongly believe that people who know and respect each other are more tolerant and accountable to each other.

Social Responsibility

In our society a great deal of focus and emphasis are being placed on social responsibility. Companies and individuals alike are increasingly encouraged to become involved in projects relating to social responsibility especially in community based projects.

Van der Merwe Pechè is closely involved with the SAFE HOUSE in Fochville, providing a place of safety for children in need. Not only are we providing free legal work for the SAFE HOUSE, but we are also actively involved in the management of the SAFE HOUSE with Mrs. Pechè serving on the executive committee. We also actively partake in fund raising events in order to raise funds for the SAFE HOUSE to ensure that the institution can continue to render this much needed service.